Say “Ahhh”

We took the whole family to the dentist this morning.  It seemed to make sense, get everyone seen at once and get it all over with.

It was Babess’ first time, and she was keen to go first, but once in the chair (on my lap), was quite apprehensive.  “I finished!” she declared and tried to climb out again.  I held her still and pointed out the pictures on the ceiling and the various lights and so on.  Our lovely dentist managed to get a good look at her teeth and said she’s doing well.

Pearl doesn’t like it when the chair lies right back, so he kindly put it more upright for her.  She flinched a lot while having her teeth cleaned, but suffered more from nerves than the treatment.  She may need braces in a few years to correct a deep bite.

Fainjin was the least cooperative of all.  He loves having his teeth brushed, is pretty good at having a go himself, and had “practised” opening wide when we talked about going to the dentist, so I was a bit disappointed.  He clutched a couple of tractors from the toybox and protested wildly, finally having to have his jaws prised open.  Luckily, his teeth are fine too.

Both parents also got a clean bill of health, so we were out again quite quickly and watching the ducks and pukeko around the lake outside the clinic.

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