Times tables

For several years when I was growing up, we had a poster of the times tables stuck to the back of our loo door.  (For American readers: it is common in NZ houses to have separate rooms for toilet and bathroom, usually right next to each other).  I am the eldest child, so the poster stayed up for my siblings long after I had learnt the tables.  It may even have still been there when I left home.

The toilet door was considered the best place for such a learning aid – you get regular, uninterrupted* time to study, and no distractions!  Later in life I would use similar placement to help me commit to memory various snippets of information from my university studies.

And now, we have come full circle.  This afternoon, The Dad hung a poster of the times tables on the back of the toilet door.  Fainjin made a big fuss about Pearl getting a poster when he wasn’t, but we assured him that it’s for him too.  (And a big thanks to the bookshop saleswoman who kindly offered him a cardboard tube to carry instead – he wasn’t very gracious, but we were immensely grateful for the gesture).

Hmmm, I wonder whether Babess will have learned her tables by the time Pearl is ready to leave home**?

*This assumes it is not the mother of the household who is trying to study.

** A terrifying thought!  Luckily, it’s years and years and years away.

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6 Responses to “Times tables”

  1. Jess Says:

    Hee hee, we used to have one up as well! 😀

  2. Stimey Says:

    That’s so clever. I’ll have to think of something to put up there. Like 10 ways to tell your mom she’s awesome, or something.

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      Oh, that would be brilliant! Or we could just tattoo them on the inside of their eyelids. That was my high-school calculus teacher’s suggestion for important facts – always made us squirm (I went to a girls’ school). But I think it would be incredibly effective 🙂

  3. Fiona Says:

    I used to be jealous of friends who got things on the back of their toilet doors. I had nothing 😦

    One friend now has Mandarin dialogues on the back of hers.

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