Sun break

This afternoon at 3pm, wonder of wonders, the sun was shining.  I suppose this winter hasn’t been worse than any other, but it does feel like it has been long and grey and very wet.  But today, for a short time, it was sunny – and that short time was right at the end of the school day, when in my experience it’s far more likely to start raining than at any other time during the day.

Interestingly, it was Babess, not Pearl, who begged to be allowed to stop at the school playground.  Not that Pearl objected to the idea.  She gladly helped her baby sister over and around the various structures and found a group of friends to play with, while I chatted with the several other mums as we all enjoyed the sunshine.

After about fifteen minutes, the clouds gathered threateningly again, and we all called to our various offspring, who emerged from their own clusters with foot-dragging reluctance.  Bags were collected, small people were put in push-chairs, and the crowd dispersed almost as quickly as it had formed.

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