Big news

brrring… brrring…


“Hi, Nana!  Babess has some news for you!”

“Oooh!  Hello, Babess!”

Babess smiles shyly at the phone.

“Tell Nana your news, Babess!”

Babess waves her hand at the phone.

“What do you have on your hand? … [pause while Babess says nothing] … Is it a sticker? … [pause while Babess nods] … Why do you have a sticker on your hand?”

Babess smiles at the phone.

“What did you do?”

All in a rush, the words come tumbling out: “I did wees on the toilet!”

Whew.  Getting her to talk was almost the hardest part!  She has been sitting on the loo during most nappy changes for a while now, but this was the first time we’d achieved anything by it.  Fingers crossed, she seems to be very keen (unlike big brother, who has completely lost interest in the concept).  I have stocked up on stickers, and I’m looking forward to using them all up!

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