This morning, when The Dad took Pearl off to her music lessons, I decided the rest of us should go out too.  The house wasn’t that messy that I needed to try to clean it with two toddlers underfoot, and Babess doesn’t nap until afternoon anyway these days.

So the three of us trundled into town on the bus, and wandered from farmers’ market to library to cafe to craft market and home again.  Fainjin and Babess were wonderfully well-behaved, and suitably rewarded with a scrumptious morning tea at the cafe and time to play in the toy area, followed by a walk along the waterfront looking carefully for sharks and crocodiles.  We didn’t see any.

An added bonus was bumping into an old friend I hadn’t seen in years, and making a date to get our respective families together next weekend.

Pearl was a bit miffed that we had gone out without her (despite her going out without us, every. single. weekend!), but was mollified when Fainjin presented her with one of the “chocolate teddy bears” we had bought at one of the fundraising cake-stalls on our way.

I’m looking forward to more sunny Saturdays as spring and summer come along, today was lots of fun!

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