Feeding the habit

Pearl and I went to the local bookfair this morning, in what is becoming an annual tradition.  Once again, Nana had given her $20 to spend as an early birthday present.  This year, I didn’t try to encourage her towards any books in particular.  I just pointed her at the childrens’ books tables, and let her loose while I browsed through craft books, crossword books, mysteries and mathematics.

When her first bag was full-ish, she found me and started showing me her finds, buzzing with excitement.  “Look, Mum!  I found a Pippi Longstockings book!  And this pony one! And…” People around us looked up and grinned.  I gave her an empty bag, and sent her back.  Every time I looked over to see whether she needed me, she was standing by the table, reading.

Children’s books were 50c each.  She went over budget.  Goodness knows where we’ll put them all!  Until next year, that is, when several of them can go back to the book fair.

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3 Responses to “Feeding the habit”

  1. Midwest Mommy Says:

    50c each! Wow, I don’t think I would have been able to hold back.

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      Well, we hardly held back! It was a struggle to carry the bags of loot, er, books out of the hall 😀

  2. Jill H. Says:

    If you could ever manage to visit Maryland in March (though who would want to- the weather is atrocious!), I would bring you along to our Friends of the Library booksale. It’s grown so large that book dealers and bibliophiles come from as far away as New York for the 3-day event, at the local fairground. Children’s books take up one entire LARGE barn, and most are 50c each. Or, on the last day, if there are still a lot left, they will usually let you fill a copy-paper box for $5.00. I go twice: on opening night before it’s picked over, and again on the last afternoon to get the final sale prices on the leavings. Then I usually come home and assemble a new bookshelf.

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