Dinner tonight was hamburgers, and it was a “make your own” sort of affair.  Everyone got a foil-wrapped “present” – a warm hamburger bun – and filled it themselves.

Except for Babess: I filled hers but I let her choose what went in it.  I was impressed, actually.  She went for the works – tomato, avocado, salad, cheese (I had bought pre-sliced processed cheese as a “special treat” – she was the only one who liked it), and a pattie.  She ate everything except the salad, tomato, and half of the bread.  She also ate Fainjin’s and Pearl’s cheese.

Pearl had bacon, cheese (quickly handed off to Babess), salad (under protest, but she did eat it), tomato sauce and a pattie.  She liked it so much that she had another one.

Fainjin started off promisingly, asking for cheese, and putting it in his bun, but soon decided he didn’t like the cheese and didn’t want the bread.  He and Babess had had pureed veges as an appetiser, so at least he’s had something.

In general, a success, and very quick to prepare, which is important on days that I’m working – dinner has to be on the table within half an hour of getting home.  I think homemade hamburgers will become a regular menu item.

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One Response to “Hamburgers”

  1. Midwest Mommy Says:

    I’m always amazed what my children will try when I don’t force it on their plates.

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