Not tired

It was party night at daycare, which was very pleasant, and everyone had a lovely time.  The children enjoyed coming home “in the daaark!”, and were still a little hyped up.  It was past bedtime (although not by too much) when we got home, so we immediately started the bedtime routine.

Fainjin was in his pyjamas (yes, the fire-engine ones) and had heard his story.  On being told it was now bedtime, he stomped off in the wrong direction, only to be scooped up by The Dad and delivered to his bed.  “It’s late and you’re tired and need to go to bed now”, he was told.

“I not tired!  I’m angry!” he seethed.

Angry or not, he was asleep five minutes later.

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One Response to “Not tired”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    🙂 I know how he feels today. Been cranky all day and fairly sure it is just because I’m really tired.

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