Cough cough cough

Poor Babess is not very well.  She had been coughing last night, and her breathing sounded raspy this morning, so I took her along to the doctor.  We now have a couple of inhalers for her, one for quick relief and a long-acting one we’re to use twice a day for a few weeks.

She’s very good about using the mask and spacer that come with the inhalers, she seems to know how they work and it doesn’t bother her – I suppose she has seen other children use them at daycare.

During dinner she coughed and brought up a tummy-full of mucus, poor thing, and was very upset.  I cleaned her up and put her in a warm shower, both to wash her and to get her into some warm steam.  Just in case it’s more than the cough, I decided it was best to rest her tummy and not have any more to eat.  She was furious.  “I want my dinner back!”

She was also most annoyed to learn that she gets to stay home with me tomorrow.  “No!  I go daycare!”

She wants to go and make sure “her babies” are looked after properly – but I have to look after mine.

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One Response to “Cough cough cough”

  1. Jess Says:

    Awww! Poor little thing! She’s very maternal, isn’t she? 🙂 So cute!

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