Any excuse to sing

We have an old TV in our bedroom.  And I mean old.  It doesn’t have a remote control – not because we lost the remote control, but because it was made before remote controls existed.  Still works, though, and quite well.  We’re trying to find it a good home.  Meanwhile, it sits in a corner of our bedroom floor, screen to the wall for safety.

Babess was playing this morning, and found the “rabbit ear” antennae on it.  She stood them up, and said “Look, it’s a happy birthday!”  In her mind, the TV was a cake, and the antennae were candles.  It would be a pretty good cake – it’s as high as her chest, square and brown like a chocolate cake.  Not as awesome as a Pigeon Cake, though.

Then she sang “Happy Birthday” to the TV.

not the TV, but tastes better

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7 Responses to “Any excuse to sing”

  1. Melbourne Mumma Says:

    Cute, I love the way they can ”see” things in objects, in ways we’d never think of. I find it really interesting and I’m sure it shows lateral thinking skills.

  2. leechbabe Says:

    Mmmm cake

    🙂 That is so adorable. Happy Birthday to the TV 🙂

  3. Melissa Says:

    My nearly 2 year old son Chet woke me up at 5am last week singing happy birthday to himself. I guess he must know it is his birthday in a month and he is getting some practice in. And, singing happy birthday must be an important developmental milestone!

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      I have to admit, it’s a whole lot cuter a few hours later in the morning 🙂 Babess has been more interested in birthdays since she had one in June and there have been a few family ones since to remind her too.

  4. Kelley Says:

    birthdays are awesome. And even awesomer when they are imaginary.

  5. lindsey Says:

    What a terrific imagination! She is going to be a writer someday, I predict! Just curious about something – how did you pick your kids ‘virtual’ names? I love them!

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      How Fainjin got his name is a post all by itself – there’s a permanent link to it under “pages” in my side-bar. The girls’s names are convoluted corruptions of their real names. If I told you exactly how I picked them I would have to reveal their real names, which I’m not prepared to do 🙂

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