Baby pigtails

While Pearl complains bitterly about having her hair done every morning, Babess has started to ask to have hers done too.  I can’t plait hers, yet, but she can have little pigtails, and she looks super-cute with them.

So every morning she gets a couple of hair-ties from the top drawer in the bathroom vanity, and scampers up to stand on a kitchen chair while I pull her baby-fine hair into little bunches.

Then we have to go and admire her new look in the mirror.  The hair-ties almost never come home again from daycare, I suspect they disappear sometime before morning tea.  No problem.  Eventually we might run out of the baby-sized hair-ties, but I can get some more.

On Friday night, she decided she wanted her hair done again, and with all the hair-ties she could find.  She was quite a sight!

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