By the numbers

All three children’s ages are prime numbers at the moment.  That will change in a couple of weeks.  Next time they’re all primes, I will be too – but we’ll only be primes together for three weeks.  The Dad will not be prime at the same time.

He’s not bothered, though.  He’ll be smooth (or so he says).  3-smooth, in fact.

And next year, two of the children will be square!

Poor kids, their parents are geeks…

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2 Responses to “By the numbers”

  1. Jenny (jaydub26) Says:

    love the geekery – too late at night to try and figure out how old The Dad will be

  2. Jess Says:

    Haha! What a great way of looking at numbers. I’d feel compelled to document the three weeks somehow… no idea how though! 😀

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