But it’s daaark!

I went to a “Celebration” at Pearl’s school this afternoon.  They have them two or three times a year.  Each class stands up in front of the school and shows off what they have been working on.

Pearl’s class had studied self-portraiture, examining proportion and use of colour, and in particular Rita Angus’ self-portrait from 1947.  (Check out some of her other paintings, too – she’s one of my favourite NZ artists).  Pearl spoke very well about using colour to emphasise light and shadow, and emotion.  Each child had drawn their own self-portrait and coloured each side of their face differently.  Pearl said one side of hers was pink “because I feel loved” (cue awwwww from all the parents!) and the other side green “because I feel fresh and bright”.

But I think I learned something else at this event.  You see, Pearl’s class sang a song about being frightened to go to sleep.  They sang very well and very enthusiastically.  But the words!  “Hairy-legged spiders hanging high above the bed… Scary movies in my head and all the creepy-crawlies hiding underneath my bed… Please leave the light on!”

Hmm.  That explains a few things about evening antics in our house.

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