Morris dancing

I took Fainjin and Babess to a spring market this morning, while Pearl and The Dad were at music.  There were morris dancers there.  Fainjin was initially deeply suspicious of the men in their white suits with raggedy coats and bells on their legs.  We watched them for a while, Fainjin with a studied neutral expression, Babess with open delight on her face.

After a couple of sets, we went on with our shopping, then Fainjin tugged on my arm.  “Mama, they’re dancing again!”

“Do you want to watch again?”


So we watched another couple of sets.  Again, Babess was grinning and bouncing along, waving her arms, while Fainjin seemed to take an almost academic watchful interest.  One of the dancers, whom I happen to know, joked that he looked bored stiff.

But when we met Pearl and The Dad, he had lots of news.

“Dad, we saw men dancing!  And they had bells on their legs and they were banging sticks and singing songs and waving flags and there was music.”

I’ll just have to watch he doesn’t choose a stout stick out of the garden to emulate his new heroes…

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One Response to “Morris dancing”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    My girls are always fascinated to find people performing when we are out at the shops.

    Yesterday at the market there was a string quartet playing – right out in the field with all the market stalls. Kids had so much fun listening and dancing to the music 🙂

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