Most of the toys in our house don’t have names.  The bears are all “Bear”, except for Fainjin’s Bob, Love and Nobody, and Pearl’s Sparkle Bear (whose name is embroidered on his tummy).  The dolls are all “Dolly” or “Baby”.

So when Babess got a toy echidna for her birthday from her Australian cousins, we were slightly surprised that she gave it a name.  For a little while, she called it “Pink”.  It’s not, of course; it’s brown, but ok…  However, after a couple of days, she came to us, held it up and said, “He’s Gary.”


“Yes.  Gary.”

So the echidna is now Gary forevermore.  We don’t know anyone called Gary, and nor does she, so it’s a mystery where she got the name.  It’s possible that she was trying to say “scary”, but the echidna is soft and cuddly and not at all threatening-looking.

Welcome to the family, Gary.

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6 Responses to “Gary”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    Oh Gary is cute 🙂

    Most of our toys are named after what they are
    “Dolly Dolly” – doll
    “Baby Dolly” – doll
    “Pig” – soft toy pig
    “Lambie” – soft toy lamb

    The few that have different names are either named by myself or had their name on the tag. Annie does sometimes give things a name but they are usually complicated and about a sentence in length.

  2. Jess Says:

    Haha! Gary The Aussie.

    I have a friend with a very unusual little 3yo daughter. The other day she had an ‘imaginary friend’ called Francine following her around. Her parents have no idea where that name came from!


  3. Stimey Says:

    Well, did you expect her to bust out and name him “Echidna”? Because really.

    Gary IS pretty random though. We also have a lot of animals named things like Blue Bear and Poofy Dog.

  4. Smarties Says:

    I like it. Has a nice ring to it…. Much more creative than O’s soft dog named “Woof”.
    We’re glad Gary has fitted into the family. He is pretty cute.

  5. L Says:

    Hairy, maybe?


  6. Expat Mom Says:

    Gary is definitely an interesting name! He’ll stand out in the crowd of toys. 🙂 Around here, we have Bear, Bobo and Bobo (two sarubobos I made for the boys), and Snowball, a giant white seal. Everything else is its name in Spanish.

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