Confidence boost

The Dad and I went out tonight.  It’s not that unusual, we sometimes do get a babysitter and go out in the evening.  What is unusual is that this time we left the house at 5:30pm.

When we go out, we try to time it so that the children are settled – or at least in bed – when we leave.  For this event, it was not possible.  I gave them an early dinner, so they were fed when our amazing and lovely babysitter arrived.  I had talked to them about how Mummy and Daddy were going out and J would read them stories and put them to bed and we would be home when they woke up in the morning.

5:30-7pm in our house is Chaos Hour.  The kids go loopy, yelling and fighting and running through the house, just as we’re trying to get them fed, clean and ready for bed.  I was apprehensive about how they would behave.  Not that J couldn’t handle it – I just didn’t want her to have to!  And I worried that Babess and Fainjin particularly would be disconcerted that we weren’t there at bedtime.

I shouldn’t have.

As we left, the children were sitting around the coffee table, little plastic tea- and picnic-sets all laid out, carefully pouring J a pretend cup of tea.  Fainjin made sure she had a cup and a plate, Pearl poured the “tea”, and Babess added “milk” from one of her babies’ bottles, complete with coffee-machine sound-effects.

When we said goodbye, they all turned and waved cheerily, “Buh-bye, Mummy!  Buh-bye Daddy!”

Perhaps we’ll go out next week, too…

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3 Responses to “Confidence boost”

  1. Lamb Says:

    At work, this is EXACTLY why we require the parents to stay in the waiting room when doing fillings 🙂

  2. leechbabe Says:

    That is fantastic 🙂

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