Exploring limits

We were at a playground, and the children were having a great time.  Fainjin and Pearl were climbing up and over and around things, slipping down slides, and scrambling up the hillside behind.

Babess was running after them and standing on the low platforms.

Then she started to climb up to some of the higher platforms (about 1m high – just over her head).  I watched her pull herself up, then climb down again carefully.  There was a good bed of bark chips underneath, and she wasn’t being silly, so I quietly reminded myself that it’s good for her to explore her physical surroundings and get to know her own limits.  A few times I caught my breath at some of her wobbles, but she was fine.

Pearl went up some steps to another platform, with a swing-bridge off the other side, taking Babess with her.  I bit my tongue and crossed my fingers.  They still were not very high off the ground.  But then Pearl ran away across the swing bridge.  Babess sensibly decided the bridge wasn’t for her, and tried to go back down the steps.

She tripped, and went tumbling down the steps, her little body doing at least two complete revolutions head over heels.  At the bottom, she managed to land on hard bitumen instead of the bark chips.  The Dad and I were sprinting the few metres towards her before she’d even hit bottom.  She was crying, mostly from the fright as it turned out.  She has some small scrapes on her face and a bump just above one eye.  Her thick jacket provided good padding and probably had a part in preventing further injuries.

I held her in my lap until we both felt better.  She recovered more quickly than I did, demanding to go back and play in the playground, and was soon running around laughing again.

She stayed away from the steps, though.

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2 Responses to “Exploring limits”

  1. Marylin Says:

    Aww no, it’s horrible when these things happen… you just can’t get there fast enough. It’s all a huge learning curve for everyone isn’t it? Glad she’s ok! x

  2. leechbabe Says:

    :meep: that would have been scary. Glad she is okay and has learned from the experience.

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