Sometimes he’s just such a boy

Fainjin asked for “ogurt” for lunch yesterday.  “Yogurt?  Sure, here you go,” I replied and gave it to him.

“Not yogurt, it’s ogurt.  Like ogres,” he explained, very seriously.  “Like Shrek.  And ogres go RRRRRAAAAAARRRRR! like lions.  Or tigers.  And dey’re gween.”

That’s what I get for letting the kids watch a movie one wet afternoon, I guess!  At least he ate the ogurt quite happily, even though it wasn’t green.

This morning as we were driving along the coastline, we pointed out some scuba divers.  Fainjin was having none of it.  “Dey’re not divers, dey’re mermaids!” he proclaimed.  Pearl looked up with great interest.  “And da sharks are going to eat dem because sharks like mermaids and dey eat dem all up.  Dat’s why dere are nooooo mermaids left.  ‘Cos da sharks eat dem all up.”

Pearl went back to her book.

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