Dream big

When we took Pearl for a birthday pony ride three years ago, we all learned a lesson.  You see, she looooved ponies.  In books and pictures.  It turned out she wasn’t quite so keen when faced with the big, live, moving, big, smelly, big, and did I mention big? reality.  Poor little thing, she completely froze when the pony was brought over and she was expected to climb up onto his back.  All I could see were huge round eyes and the start of tears.

Some reassuring words, a hug, and a slightly smaller pony were all it took for her to summon up some bravery, and once she was onboard she had a wonderful time.

This time, we had a good chat about it beforehand and made sure she had realistic expectations.  That, prior experience, and just the fact that she’s older now made things a lot easier, and today she had a completely positive experience.

While Pearl and The Dad went off on their trek, I looked at the ponies and the stables with Fainjin and Babess.  They were fascinated with everything, from the riding hats to the spectacle of someone combing a horse’s tail.  They said hello to every horse and pony, and waved to all the riders.  They were invited to pat a miniature horse, and could even have a ride if they wanted.  Fainjin just shook his head, and Babess didn’t look interested in the little animal.

“I want to ride DAT one!” said my tiny tot, pointing at the Clydesdale.  I imagine that would have been quite a sight!

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One Response to “Dream big”

  1. Stimey Says:

    Completely awesome. That would have been a sight!

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