Miss Bossy, ok?

Babess came into the bathroom this morning as I was getting out of the shower.  She dropped her clothes on the floor, as well as Gary.  Then she moved Gary out of the way of potential drips.  “You no get Gary wet, ok?  Ok, Mummy?  No wet Gary.  Ok?”

I agreed not to drip on Gary if I could possibly help it, and she gave a satisfied little nod.  She is getting quite bossy sometimes, so it’s just as well she’s cute with it.

Last night at the restaurant for Pearl’s birthday dinner, she had chicken with dipping sauce.  Most of the children don’t like the sauce, so I moved it out of her way, but she insisted on trying it, and despite screwing up her face at the first couple of tastes, decided she liked it.  I had moved Pearl’s sauce bowl as well, and Babess pointed to it.  “Dat Mummy’s sauce, ok?  Dis one Babess’ sauce, ok?  No Mummy sauce.  You have dat one, ok?”


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One Response to “Miss Bossy, ok?”

  1. Marita Says:

    Ok 🙂

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