I was pondering where to take the girls for lunch in town today – reasonably healthy, reasonably priced, not too far out of our way… when Pearl pointed out that we were right next to a supermarket.

“We could get some bread rolls and take them to the gardens with us and have a picnic,” she said.

“Perfect!” said I, and that is what we did.

As we sat in the sunshine admiring the tulips and magnolias, I thanked her for having such a good idea.

“Oh, it wasn’t my idea,” she demurred. “It was just my mind, the idea just… popped out!”

I chose not to pursue a line of questioning on where her ideas usually come from… and went back to enjoying the tulips and the sunshine.

Spring is here!

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3 Responses to “Ideas”

  1. blackwatertown Says:

    That’s an interesting concept – it wasn’t me, it was my mind.
    Sounds noble when she’s not taking credit for a good idea – does it happen when she trying to shift blame too?
    (Not that such a scenario would ever arise.)

  2. Marita Says:

    That is a very clever idea 🙂 but does make you wonder where the idea usually come from.

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