We popped in to our plumbing supply shop this afternoon, with Fainjin and Babess in tow.  We needed to check a couple of things for our renovations, laundry taps that we’ve ordered and towel rails that we haven’t.

It’s a lovely shop to visit for adults – they have a real coffee machine and are very hospitable.  You can play with taps and showers and there’s even a back-lit bath-filler where the water “changes colour” from blue to red as it heats up.  I was feeling a bit sorry for the kids, though, this renovation thing isn’t very interesting for them.

I needn’t have worried.  As soon as we arrived, they both said “Yay!!!” and took off.  As Babess disappeared around the corner, I heard her say “TOYS!”  We’ve been to this place a few times, and they knew where to look.

The toybox at the shop is always more interesting than the toys at home.  And if you get bored, you can go into all the showers and collect the drain-covers… until Daddy tells you to put them back.  (The staff just laughed – they love having kids visit).

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3 Responses to “Family-friendly”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    That sounds like just the right kind of shop for families who are renovating. What a clever idea of them to have a toy box. Keeps kids busy so mum and dad are more likely to stay there and buy from there 🙂

  2. Melissa Says:

    What a great shop – decent coffee and toys – I might have to look out for one of those in Sydney.

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