Going forward

We bought new car-seats this week.  Fainjin’s one was getting old (these things do have a use-by date), and Babess is finally big enough to face forward.  And we really needed a bit more space in the back seat for the times an extra adult has to squeeze in.

We went to a wonderful business specialising in fitting car-seats.  First, we ascertained that Pearl doesn’t need to be in a booster seat.  She isn’t required to be in one by law, but we wanted to check that she is safe without one – that the seat-belt fits her properly and she’s big enough for an adult seat.  That proved to be the case, which is great.

Then we fitted Fainjin and Babess into new seats.  It turns out they can have the same model, which will grow with them.  They are both harnessed in at the moment, and when they reach 18kg (which will be soon-ish for Fainjin, and a long time away for Babess!) we can remove the harness and use the seat as a booster.  Later still, the back and headrest can be removed and the seat can be a half-booster.

The new seats are a lot less bulky than the old ones, and while it’s still a squeeze for an adult to sit in the middle, it’s less of one than before.

Babess is delighted.  She is facing the same way as everyone else, and obviously feels much more grown-up.  All the way home in the new seat, she would suddenly say “Hello, Mummy!” and laugh when I turned around, because now she can see me.  She sits in the seat with a huge grin on her face the whole time.

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