Angry Bear

Babess and Fainjin were enjoying some tiny teddy biscuits for morning tea.  Fainjin held one up to show Babess – he’d nibbled off one tiny ear.

“Look, Babess, he weally angwy now!”

“Ooooh!” her eyes went wide.  An angry teddy bear, quite a concept for her sweet little self.

His voice deepened and became very growly: “Where’s my other ear gone?  Where’s my other ear gone?!”

I doubled over and took my giggles outside.

© UpsideBackwards 2010.

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One Response to “Angry Bear”

  1. Expressmom Says:

    My kids are now 12 & 13 and one of my favorite memories is of my daughter (14 months older) telling her brother that something was “Scawy!”

    She would always repeat it 3x. Nothing was “Scawy.” Every thing was “Scawy, scawy, scawy!”

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