Door handles and light switches

We’re staying in a serviced apartment for a few weeks, while our house is renovated (wooo-hoooo!).  The apartment is much smaller than our house, of course, and is taking a while for us to settle into.  Some features we like (someone else does the cleaning!), others not so much.

Two things I really don’t like are the very low door-handles and light switches.  At first I thought, “That’s cute, and kind of handy, the little ones can let themselves out of rooms when they shut themselves in, as they do, and they can turn on the light for themselves.”

And then The Dad was having his shower.  The bathroom has no windows, being on the in-side of the building (if you see what I mean).  A small person sneakily opened the door, and a little hand crept along to the light switch.  All of a sudden, The Dad was plunged into pitch-darkness.  He was unimpressed.

Later the same day, I was trying to prepare dinner.  The kitchen has some natural light, but is also on the in-side of the building, so it’s rather dim.  Fainjin kept turning the light off and on as I was chopping vegetables, and it was distracting enough that I was afraid I would cut myself (or get a migraine from the flickering).  I had a long chat with him about kitchens being dangerous places and needing light so I wouldn’t cut or burn myself.  He went away to think about that… and Babess came to play with the light switch.

Sometimes I think it’s going to be a loooong few weeks.

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