Fire station visit

At daycare today, both Fainjin and Babess were taken on an outing.  They regularly go out, and Fainjin had asked the teachers if they could go back to the fire station one day please.  Today was the day!  The two of them have been looking forward to it all week, and this morning I said Fainjin could wear his pyjama top as a shirt, as he was keen to show it off to the fire-fighters.

When I picked them up at the end of the day, I heard all about the trip, from both the children and the teachers.  Fainjin really enjoyed himself and climbed up into the fire-engine and had a good look around, and was outgoing and engaged in the discussions.  Babess was a bit shy while they were there, but says she enjoyed the trip.

One of the teachers who hadn’t gone on the trip told me – with a grin on her face – that when he got back to the centre, the first thing Fainjin told her was, “The fire-fighters really liked my shirt!”

I might have to make a couple more.

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