We’ve had Baxter Basics for a few months now, and one of the daycare teachers has a copy too.  Fainjin loves the book so much, he has memorised the whole thing!  He asks for the “pollems book” and reads it cover to cover, with almost word-perfect recall.

Yesterday, on the way home from the supermarket, he pointed out a loading bay and told me it was a fire-station “but all da fainjins gone to da Grand Hotel”.  Recognising the source, I said, “Oh really?  What will they find there?”

“Smoke and steam, flames in da windows and people who scream!” he chortled.  Then he told me that the biggest fireman would “carry down a fat old lady in her dwessing gown”.

When it rains, he will tell us that the “cats wun and hide and the wittle dogs cuddle” but he wants to go “‘plash ‘plash in the BIGGEST puddle”.

It’s great that he has such easy recall that he can select appropriate excerpts, and not have to recite the whole poem from the start.  One night when he’s reading the book to the family we will have to try to record it to show his grandparents at Christmas.

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One Response to “Pollems”

  1. Stacia Says:

    I love when they start to recite their favorite stories and you can see them make connections between the words and things in their everyday lives. It’s such a fascinating look at the way their little minds operate!

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