Why do we have so many toys?

At home, the children have lots of toys.  It’s hard to keep their rooms tidy because they have too much stuff.  Every so often I try to winnow the toys down a bit, but it’s hard.  There are toys that I am attached to, because of who gave them to us, and “treasures” that the kids love, and really good-quality toys that I think we should hold on to.

And they do play with most of the toys.

But since we’re in a tiny apartment for the next few weeks, I brought just one bed-time toy each (teddy bears and Baby), a pile of books, and a box of Lego/Duplo/Megablocks.  Pearl also brought her birthday-present Zhu-zhu pets.  All three children have been playing with the blocks, very happily indeed.  They play by themselves or together, and don’t go looking for anything else.

I suspect they’d be happy enough with whatever they had, be it plastic blocks or a pad of paper or a pile of sticks and stones.  They enjoy their toys, to be sure, but they only play with them because they’re there, and don’t seem to miss them now they’re not.

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One Response to “Why do we have so many toys?”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    I was pondering the same thing on a recent visit to my parents. Heidi happily played with the one bag of blocks and one small bag of books for the whole visit. Mind you I do find during school holidays all our toys get played with. But during term time they are mostly ignored.

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