One thing our new bathroom won’t have

After dinner tonight, The Dad sent the kids upstairs with instructions to get undressed for their showers.  I was cleaning up and he was busy with something; after just a couple of minutes, I said, “I’d better get up there and put them through the shower… gosh they’re noisy!  I wonder what they’re up to?”

“Babess is probably the only one actually getting undressed,” he observed.

I went upstairs, and could hear giggles, thumps and running water.  I went to open the bathroom door.


Pearl, unfortunately, was not in there with them.

Cue a solid five minutes of begging the little ones to unlock the door.  “Turn the white button!  The button on the door!  Do you see it?  Come on!  Turn the white button!”

Every so often the giggles would stop long enough for one of them to say “I see it!” and we would hear the ominous sound of the washing machine dials being turned.  It’s a front loader…

“It won’t fill if the door is open,” said The Dad, confidently.

“What if it’s half-full, they turn it off and then open the door?” I asked.



Finally, finally, Fainjin figured out what to do.  We rushed in.  The sound of running water had stopped.  We don’t know what it was, because there was no flooding, so all good there.  No harm done.  Whew.

Then we looked at the back of the door.  The button isn’t even white.  It’s chrome.

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6 Responses to “One thing our new bathroom won’t have”

  1. Smarties Says:

    LOL.. 🙂 Only because I am picturing you and the Dad outside the bathroom door and the kids inside having a lovely time!!!

  2. Megan @ Mama Bub Says:

    Just had a mild panic attack. So far, my son has only locked us OUT of the bathroom, but never locked himself or anyone else inside.

  3. Stimey Says:

    HA! So funny about the button. At least because nothing terrible happened. That is the worst. I’ve been locked out of the house by a kid who thinks it’s hilarious. It sucks.

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      Yeah, we were lucky. I could hear Babess saying happily “We stuck!”, which was frustrating, and I worried about a flood, but all’s well that ends well. And I have to confess, I did think at one point, “Well, I know what to write about on the blog tonight, at least!”

  4. leechbabe Says:

    The house I was living in while pregnant with Heidi had this terrifying habit of locking the bathroom and toilet doors from the outside when you closed the doors. They could be easily opened from the outside – if someone else was home to open them. We were all locked in both rooms on several occasions. In the end we took the door handles off because we couldn’t figure out how to fix the locking mechanism. Replaced them after we moved. But for several weeks there I had nightmares of being locked in the toilet and going into labour.

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      Eeep. That is a *horrible* nightmare. I got stuck in a lift when I was 9 months pregnant with Babess. It was only for about 30 seconds, but the lifts in that building had a terrible reputation (for shaking, stopping, and/or dropping suddenly), and I was shaking and close to tears by the time I got out. I still don’t completely trust them, even though it hasn’t happened to me since!

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