On the bus back from school today, Pearl asked me about insurance, what it was for and why we insure people as well as things.  We talked about health insurance, and she understood that our insurance had paid for her operation a little while ago.  Then I talked about life insurance and why we have that.  This interested her greatly.

“What about if you and Daddy both die at the same time?” she asked.  “Would we go to a children’s home?”

She’s been reading too many books about orphans.

“No, you would go to live with Auntie B and some other members of both my family and Daddy’s would help her use the insurance money to look after all of you.”

She absorbed that for a moment, then asked what would happen to our house.  I found myself explaining our wills – in simple terms – and grateful that the bus wasn’t very full.  I kept reminding her that we didn’t intend to die anytime soon, and hoped we would both be around to look after her and the other children ourselves.  She acknowledged that, then kept going back into intricate details of what might happen if we weren’t.

Finally, she said thoughtfully, “What would happen to some things, like… Daddy’s laptop?”

“I don’t know!” I said.  “The family would have to decide on all those things.”

“Oh… ‘cos I would quite like to have my own computer, you know…”

I think I should (a) convince her there are easier ways to get one than being orphaned, and (b) watch out for a while if she starts offering to make me a cup of tea…

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3 Responses to “Insurance”

  1. Nana Says:

    More ambitious than her uncle, he was after the sodaflo machine! mind you we wouldn’t have had a computer then.

  2. leechbabe Says:

    ROFL I love the way she thinks 😀

    Definitely watch out for those cups of arsenic laced tea 🙂

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