Harry Potter’s bedroom

This apartment has a small cupboard under the stairs.  The vacuum cleaner is kept there, and there’s not really any room for anything else.

But now the children have found it, it’s a spare room.  Babess can fit through the door without even ducking, which looks hilarious because it’s such a small cupboard.  She loves to go in there with some cushions and a blanket and will even pull the door nearly-shut behind her (not afraid of the dark, that one).

Pearl and Fainjin can only fit in by crawling, but also have snuggled up (one at a time) with books and/or blocks.  The vacuum cleaner has a new home – the middle of the lounge-room floor.

Babess calls the cupboard “the basement”, and wanted to have her nap in there this afternoon – she was over-ruled.  But she does seem to be aware of the potential negative uses for a small dark room: when Pearl was whining about something-or-other this afternoon, Babess turned to her and said, “Pearl!  You go be grumpy in da basement!”

I would like to note here that we have never ever shut, or threatened to shut, any of our children in a cupboard or any other room as a punishment, and I don’t know where she got it from.  …And even Pearl found it funny.

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5 Responses to “Harry Potter’s bedroom”

  1. Casdok Says:

    Sounds like a very useful spare room 🙂

  2. Stimey Says:

    I’m intensely jealous of your cupboard under the stairs. My kids would try to live in there!

  3. Seonaid Says:

    We used the cupboard under our stairs as a meditation chamber for a few months… although I found the kids careening past, the constant cries of, “Moooooommmmmy! Where AAAAAAAREE you?” a little distracting. We have gone back to using it for storage now. But maybe a reading nook…

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      😀 You’d have to be a very advanced yogi to use this cupboard as a meditation room! It’s about 60cm each side, and perhaps 80cm high. Strictly for the kids. I’m sad to say, I’ve had to ban them from playing in it – the harp is stored in the same corner of the room, and there was some argy-bargy over who would be in the cupboard (only one can fit at a time), and someone was pushed into the harp. We can’t risk damaging it like that, it’s rented, so the cupboard has been deemed out of bounds and the vacuum cleaner has its home back.

  4. leechbabe Says:

    A cupboard under the stairs is a very cool thing to have. There was one in the townhouse I lived in while at uni. I’m so envious.

    The Search for Santa Paws DVD I reviewed yesterday has a scene where one of the girls gets locked in the basement for being naughty. Heidi found that a bit distressing. Surprises me how many childrens shows have that sort of thing in them.

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