“That means I’m a grown-up!”

Fainjin has hitherto resisted all attempts at toilet-training.  He’s not interested, thankyouverymuch.  We’ve encouraged, but not pushed, treading the fine line between providing the option and not making a big deal out of it.

Recently, however, he’s found it tedious to be interrupted in his play for nappy changes.  And his teachers give him the same message that we do: if you don’t want nappy changes, then don’t wear nappies!  Use the toilet.

He grumbles and mutters and refuses.  Until yesterday.  “Ok, then, I’ll go to the toilet now!” he said.  Not much came of it, but I was pleased he was at least sitting there.  Later in the day, just before his shower, he tried again, with success.  Babess, also waiting for the shower, clapped and cheered (I might have joined in).

This morning, he happily went off with The Dad to the loo, and … well, let’s just say success on 2 fronts.  As you can imagine, there were even more celebrations.  He was very proud of himself, and told me, “That means I’m a grown-up!”

He did dirty his nappy just a few minutes later, but I’ve still been out today and bought him some undies.  I couldn’t get fire-engine ones.  Diggers will have to do.

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One Response to ““That means I’m a grown-up!””

  1. leechbabe Says:

    That is big progress. Go Fainjin.

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