Little Miss Helpful

I’ve written before about how much Babess likes to help me out.

Yesterday, Fainjin had taken off his shoes and socks, and left them in the middle of the floor, so I asked him to take his socks up to the washing basket.  He wasn’t keen.

“I do it Mama!  I take the socks up to washing!” said Babess, as she disappeared up the stairs with them.

“Ok then, good girl.”

A while later, I had the pair of them in the bathroom, getting ready for shower time.  Babess said, “I put the washing in the machine, Mama, I put the clothes in the machine.”  I thought she was talking about the day before, when she had helped me load the washing machine and turn it on.  Then I saw what she meant.

Instead of putting Fainjin’s socks in the basket, she’d put them in the machine.  They must have looked lonely, because then she’d gone to her suitcase, grabbed an armful of clean clothes, and loaded them in there as well!

Luckily, she hadn’t turned on the machine…

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2 Responses to “Little Miss Helpful”

  1. L Says:

    Impressive! 🙂

  2. leechbabe Says:

    That is very helpful indeed 🙂

    I still have vivid memories of the time Annie helped to clean the toilet :: shudder :: she unwound a roll of toilet paper, put it in the toilet and then started to swish it around with the toilet brush. 😀 A funny memory now, not so much at the time.

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