Fever all through the night

Fainjin has had – still has – “some sort of viral fever”.  That’s the official diagnosis.

It started early in the morning a couple of days ago, he woke claiming there were spiders in his bed.  I heard him going down the stairs to sleep on the couch, and followed him down thinking he’d had a nightmare – then noticed how hot he was.  Fearing a tummy bug – there’s one doing the rounds – I got towels and bowls handy and slept on the other couch next to him.  It’s not a very big couch, and I could swear it got shorter during the night.

He seemed flat during the day, just tired and a bit grumpy, a little warmer than normal.  It was the next evening, as we were preparing to go to bed ourselves and he’d been asleep for a couple of hours, that he woke with “spiders” again – and another fever.

Fluids, tepid/cool sponges, and pamol (tylenol) are our arsenal against this, but it takes a long time for the fever to come down.  We managed to keep him upstairs in our bedroom, so I didn’t have to sleep on the couch again.

Yesterday, he was fine all morning, but in the afternoon had another very high temperature.  Off to the doctor!  “It’s a virus” I was told, and I’m doing the right things.

Again this morning, at 3am, another fever, even higher than before, with more spiders, and this one took 90 minutes to come down to the point where I was comfortable putting him back to bed.

Today, he has been a sunny bright happy boy, and I dared to hope that last night was the final death throes of the virus.  But just after dinner he got grumpy, with glazed eyes, and I took his temperature, sighed, and reached for the pamol.  It didn’t go as high this time.

Fingers crossed.  I could really do with a good night’s sleep…

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5 Responses to “Fever all through the night”

  1. Casdok Says:

    Yes fingers crossed. Hope hes is feeling much better soon.

  2. leechbabe Says:

    Oh the poor young lad and poor mum too. I hope he is better now.

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      … And poor Dad, too – he was kept awake quite a lot as well of course. Fainjin has been much better today, and we have now gone 24 hours with no fever, so I *think* we’re over it. Also no-one else seems to have caught it, bonus!! I have heard of a few other cases around the place, so it must be a bug doing the rounds.

      Thanks for the good wishes 🙂

  3. Melissa Says:

    Oh I hope he is on the mend. Those viral fevers are the worst, and they seem to hang around too. Chet has one at the moment, his is combined with vomiting which has not been much fun for all concerned …

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