The Dad and I decided a few years ago that we really like the idea of a Thanksgiving holiday.  No presents, no cards, just a family gathering to give thanks for the good things in life.

We decided to steal the idea.

But, since we don’t have a Thanksgiving holiday in New Zealand, we had to choose when to hold it.  A Thursday in November isn’t really practical.  We eventually settled on the Sunday of Labour Weekend.  Usually we try to invite friends and especially family to our place for a large lunch, I roast a leg of lamb (new Spring lamb!) and everyone brings something to contribute to the meal.  Before we eat, everyone old enough to talk mentions one thing they are grateful for.

This year, we couldn’t do that – there’s just not enough room in this apartment to host that sort of event, even if there were room in the kitchen to prepare it.  So we had a very small Thanksgiving with “just us” instead.  We had a picnic lunch at a park, then the kids had a run and we all rode on the miniature train, so it was little bit special and memorable for them.

Pearl was thankful for “all the presents” she got for her birthday.

Fainjin was thankful for “crackers” (which he was eating at the time, so much for “before we eat”!).

Babess was thankful because “I’m a girl”.  Deep thinking, there, perhaps.

The Dad and I were thankful for some fine weather allowing us to have a picnic, and that our new kitchen and bathroom will be ready before Christmas.  We’re also thankful that we’re all together, healthy, and that all our problems are small ones.

I think next year I’ll be thankful for having a dishwasher!

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