Make way for…

Fainjin and Babess’ daycare had a “teachers-only” day today.  Luckily, it was a sunny and warm day, although a bit windy, so we were able to get out and about.

Our first errand was to an art gallery-bookshop, which is a truly lovely shop but a little scary with two busy preschoolers.  However, they were very well-behaved, right up until they decided to be puppies and lions but it was time to go by then anyway.

We decided to walk back to our apartment through the gardens, keeping a sharp eye out for baby ducks.  And sure enough, there by the fountain, ducklings!  The ones we had seen a couple of weeks ago are gangly-looking teenaged ducks by now, still a bit fluffy but more duck-like than cute.  But there’s a new batch, eight little fluffy balls tumbling after their mother chasing up the breadcrumbs offered by another visiting toddler.

Babess had gathered up some wisteria petals on our walk, and she now dropped some into the pond.  “Look ducks!  Flowers!  Eat my flowers!” she called, and they came rapidly over, to her delight.  Of course, they didn’t eat the flowers, despite her continued entreaties.  I tried to explain that ducks don’t eat flowers, but she still thinks they should.

The second-best thing about the gardens, after the ducklings, is the flower trail – bright flowers painted on the path at intervals of several metres.  Even the most “I need to be carried” toddler can be persuaded to chase her big brother from one flower to the next, for a surprising distance.  They also make a great spot for big brother to be told to wait for Mummy to catch up – “Stop on the next flower and wait for me!” “Ok Mummy!”

It all made for a very pleasant morning indeed.

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