This morning was a wonderful series of happy accidents.

As has become our habit, Fainjin, Babess and I wandered through the markets and along the waterfront.  The kids wanted to look at the boats, but it was chilly, so I suggested we visit the Christmas section of a large department store first.  They were more than happy to, and it was great fun – lots of beautiful Christmas trees in many different colour schemes and themes, several Christmas trains and other moving things to look at, and NZ-themed decorations I might later buy and send around the world.

As we walked in, though, I saw a friend I haven’t seen in months.  After a brief catch-up, she invited us to spend the afternoon with her family tomorrow, with a promise of a backyard for the kids to run around in, “refreshing beverages” for the grown-ups, and pizza for tea.  Sounds fabulous!

Then we headed for the waterfront.  There was a trade show in one of the buildings, and I thought we might go in for a wander, but Fainjin wanted to see the water first, which was lucky, because when we got there we found (you’ll never guess!) a fire-engine!  And an ambulance, and police cars – the emergency services seem to having a few display-days at the moment.  Fainjin climbed up into the cab of the fire-engine and beamed.  Babess didn’t want to climb up, but graciously accepted the stickers bestowed upon her.

After some time spent admiring flashing lights and other attractions, we went back to the trade show.  It wasn’t all that interesting, but plenty of stalls were handing out lollies, so that kept the kids happy.  And then we met a fairy.  Not just any fairy – this one was making balloon animals for kids in the trade show!  She made Fainjin a beautiful yellow lion with an orange mane, and a pink pony for Babess.  Their eyes were like saucers as the animals appeared in her hands.  I’m happy to report that both animals made it home intact, too, despite the brisk wind threatening to rip them away from us.

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