“Bye-bye Mummy!”

Babess was ready to go, and playing with her Baby.  I was very nearly ready.  Fainjin was in his pyjamas, playing with Lego, and refusing to budge.

“Come on kids!” I said, exasperated.  “Mummy’s got to go to work this morning!”

Babess straightened up and did her “doorknob” wave at me.  “Bye-bye, Mummy!” she sang so sweetly.

I looked at her.  “Babess, I need to take you and Fainjin to daycare first, then I can go to work,” I explained.

She smiled, still so very sweetly.  “Oh.  Okay.”

She seemed so unconcerned at the thought of being left at home for the day, I had a vision of her happily playing alongside her brother for quite a while without supervision – probably until they got hungry!

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