Pearl’s class had a trip today – to a golf course, to have a go.  Ever since she found out about it last week, she has been very anti.  “I don’t like sport!  I’m NOT going!”

In vain did we extol the virtues of golf, of giving things a go, of simply getting out of the classroom.  Daddy plays golf and really likes it.  You don’t know you don’t like something until you’ve tried.  If team sports aren’t your thing, perhaps golf might be for you.  Mummy didn’t find a sport she was good at until she was at university, but that didn’t stop her trying new things.  It’s an hour out of your life – if you don’t like it, you’ll probably never have to do it again.

Our reasoning fell on deaf ears.  This morning she was particularly difficult to get ready for school.

This afternoon, she came home in a good mood.  I was reluctant to risk it, but I asked, “How was golf?”

“It was great!” she beamed.  “I really liked it!”

I bit my tongue.

“We did putting, and the other thing, where you have to hit the ball really hard and it sits on the plastic thing.  The tee.”

“Where did the ball go?” asked The Dad.

“Well, usually not very far,” she admitted with charming frankness.  “But one of the adults with us had a go too and he hit all the way into the trees!”

We both bit our tongues at that, but still managed to make admiring noises.  Maybe next time The Dad goes golfing, he can take a companion.

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