Peas in a pod

“I don’t need a photo of Babess for my desk,” laughed The Dad, “I can just use this one of Pearl.”  He showed me the photo, of Pearl aged about 2, wearing the pink jacket that is currently Babess’ favourite, blue pants she wore yesterday, and the blue shoes she really likes now they fit her too.

I took the photo down to daycare when I picked up the kids, and showed it around.

“Who’s that?” I asked.

“Babess!” said Babess – which was a bit telling.  She wasn’t too worried when I said it was Pearl, though, she is fairly used to not being able to say whether a picture is of her or her big sister.

The teachers’ reactions were interesting.  About half of them instantly identified Pearl; the others were shocked that it wasn’t Babess.  Of course, even the ones who knew straight away that it was Pearl did agree that she and Babess are very very alike.

I joke about being on the run from the Cloning Police…

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