Babess found a piece of breakfast cereal on the floor this morning (as you often do, at 7am in our house).  It’s a brand that comes in the shape of a torus.  She held it up, considered it, and said, “It’s a zero”.  I was so proud!

It also occurred to me that Fainjin seems to recognise more numerals than he does letters.  I seem to remember Pearl learning her letters, and indeed reading words, much much earlier than her numerals.  Yet another reminder that they are very different people.

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One Response to “Numeracy”

  1. Melissa Says:

    It’s interesting about the numeral/letters thing. Chet is always asking if something is number or a letter and frequently won’t believe me when I tell him what a piece of text or list of numbers is. He doesn’t really seem to recognise any particular number or letter but just wants to know in general what they are.

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