Every garage needs one

Fainjin was very busy with the Lego when I arrived at daycare this afternoon.  I was amused, because he had been very busy with it when I left this morning, too.  This morning he was building aeroplanes and “flying” them around for a little while before making ever-grander modifications.  Just before I left, he came up to me and proudly showed me his latest version, which had two storeys of windows and a pole.  Not much else, mind you, a pilot and two very stubby “wings”.  I think the pole was for the firemen to slide down.  (What else?)

I’m sure he played with other things during the day.  Pretty sure.  But there he was, sitting at the table, surrounded by Lego – with Babess sitting next to him, making her own creations (which looked endearingly like smaller simpler versions of what he was making).  He had a Lego man wearing a helmet for safety, and lots of “features” on his contraption.  He was waving it around with great concentration, saying “Zuummm, zummmm, zummmm…”

“Wow, that looks amazing!” I said.  “Is it another aeroplane?”

“No,” he frowned at me.  Poor boy, his mother is sooo dim.  “It’s a boat-aeroplane-motorbike.  Zummmm….”

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4 Responses to “Every garage needs one”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    Awesome! I love that Babess was making similar creations to her big brother, how adorable.

  2. Susan @WhyMommy Says:

    Awesome! Love that creativity!

    In our house, Little bear’s creations are almost always “Jet Zoomers!”.

  3. Stimey Says:

    Why just an aeroplane, when you can have a SUPER AWESOME COMBO VEHICLE!!!

    I also love that Babess was copying her brother. That is so adorable.

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