Two years ago (wow! that long already?!), at the music school’s Christmas concert, Pearl was so afflicted with stage-fright that she refused to actually go onto the stage with her pre-instrumental class.  She sat in the wings, faithfully banging her wood-block in time and singing along, but invisible to the audience.

Last year, she played very well in a group of about two dozen violinists, and we were thrilled.

This morning, the choirs gave a small concert for parents and friends.  The senior choir, of about 15 or so children aged 8 and older, started the concert and sang very well.  Pearl will join them next year, but this year she was in the junior choir, for children aged 5-7 at the start of the year.

At the end of the senior choir’s part of the concert, the junior choir came on so that both choirs could sing one song together.  Unfortunately, not many of the junior choir were able to come, and some were late.  So three little girls stood up to join in.  Then they sang a number of songs without the seniors.  I was terrified for them!  They were so little, and so alone.

But, you know what?  They all stood up straight, smiled brilliantly, and sang their hearts out.  Their voices rang out strong and clear and (mirable dictu) in tune, and they held the audience enthralled.  They sang cute songs, some with actions, that they clearly enjoyed.  And – I am biassed, but – I think Pearl sang the loudest and the clearest.

After the junior choir had sung their four or five songs, the senior choir re-joined them for a reprise of “The Siamese Cat Song” from Lady & The Tramp (“We are Siamese, if you please; We are Siamese if you don’t please…”).

They were a credit to their wonderful choir teacher, and fully deserved their rapturous applause.

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