76 Trombones

…actually, I don’t think there were that many.  Maybe just 6.  But there were pipes and drums and marching girls and cheerleaders and angels to make up the numbers.

Today was Christmas Parade day.  That means that it must be summer, and – as often happens – it was brilliantly sunny and really rather hot as we waited for an hour on the side of the road for the parade to start.  We were among the first to settle down and stake out a spot, but we were quickly joined by thousands of other families.  Luckily for us, The Dad had to play indoor football before he could join us, and I was able to contact him to get him to bring ice-cream!  He arrived just in time for us to eat our ice-creams before the parade started (although Babess was slower eating and had hers showered with “fairy dust”).

Fairies, dusty creatures, who'd have 'em?

Fainjin was a bit worried about our spot on the kerb.  “Is the parade going on the road?” he asked.  Yes, I said, and he raised an eyebrow, “They have to be careful of cars!”  But it was ok, the roads were all closed.  Whew.

For some reason the kids weren't scared of the giant praying mantis

We were treated to 45 minutes of floats, bands and performers, some most of which were only tangentially related to Christmas.

They *were* scared of this guy, though... the AntiSanta

The girls waved and clapped, and Fainjin watched with an expression of tolerant stoicism.  He was enjoying it very much – he’s just good at not showing it.

Oh no, fairy dust! Quick, brush it off!

Only 41 sleeps, someone said?

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3 Responses to “76 Trombones”

  1. Megan @ Mama Bub Says:

    So, since Christmas occurs during summer, do your Christmas cards feature Santa on a beach? I’m truly curious.

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      Yes, some of them do! We also have some of our own Christmas carols, with summery themes. People still sing Frosty the Snowman (for example), though, and often eat a full roast dinner on Christmas Day. Our own family tradition is a Christmas barbecue 🙂

  2. Megan @ Mama Bub Says:

    Oh, a Christmas barbecue sounds fantastic!

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