Pearl has always had a habit of swinging her legs when she sits.  I was sitting with her at the table, and after being kicked for the umpty-illionth time (and having asked her several times to stop), I snapped at her.  She snapped back, and neither of us was happy.

Babess looked up from her toys across the room.  “What’s the matter?” she asked, full of concern.

“I accidentally bumped Mum with my foot and she didn’t like it,” Pearl ‘fessed up.

Babess stood up, and walked over to me.  She put her hands together, and looked up at me, big eyes opened wide.  “You ok, Mummy?”

Luckily, a kiss and a cuddle from a cute two-year-old made it all better!

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One Response to “Peace-broker”

  1. umatji Says:

    aw – aren’t they great little carers. I so know what you mean with the kicking – crumbs it drives me bananas.

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