Eat them before they eat you

Fainjin is especially excited about Christmas this year.  That’s to be expected – he’s nearly 4, just the right age for anticipation to set in.  He brings it up often.

But he’s not talking about Father Christmas coming, or getting presents, or even seeing Grandma and Grandad and his cousins.  Those are exciting, sure, and so is the fact that we are going on an aeroplane to Grandma and Grandad’s to spend Christmas with The Dad’s side of the family.  But they’re not the most exciting thing.

The most exciting thing is that The Dad has promised a trip to… (drum roll)… a crocodile farm!

Fainjin has been visualising this place since he first heard of it.  His eyes go wide as he tells us how the crocodiles go “SNAP SNAP!” and we’ll go the farm and see them eating the chickens.  At random times when we’re going out, he’ll ask “Are we going to the crocodile farm now?”

I wonder… there’s a cafe at the farm, serving farm produce… I wonder, whether we might find there, a cure for a fussy eater?

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