Testing times

I’ve been a bit quiet here lately, by my own standards.  That’s mostly because I try to write good things, and I’ve been having a hard time.

We’re still in the apartment, waiting for our house to be ready.  We move back this weekend, to a house with no kitchen and the sitting room full of our appliances.  We’ll make it work for the short time (about a week) that we have to.  Meanwhile, the confined quarters here are taking their toll.

Pearl is trying our patience and pushing every limit she can find. I am down to my last nerve and at the end of my wits with her.  She refuses to do anything she is asked, is rude to us, picks fights with her brother, is mean to her sister, and screams whenever she is unhappy – which seems to be often.  Every so often she seems to come to her senses, apologises and is her normal delightful self… until the next morning, when it starts all over again.

Fainjin is chafing at the lack of running-around space, and trying to be more independent.  That’s sort-of good, except that we are in an inner-city, high-rise environment where three-year-olds aren’t very safe on their own.   Following his sister’s lead, he screams when he’s unhappy.  And he’s always up for a fight when she’s looking for one.  On the plus side, he’s opening up to the idea of toilet training, and asking to wear undies most days at daycare (on the downside, there’s a whole lot more laundry to do – but truly, I don’t mind that!).

Babess is being a sweetie.  It’s an odd thing, that the two-year-old, who you would expect to be in a “difficult” stage, is the easiest to live with at the moment.  She gives me lots of kisses and cuddles, and she’s capable of more and more complex sentences – talking in paragraphs, really.  But the general stress in the household is being felt here, too.  She wouldn’t normally wake crying in the middle of the night and need comforting.

So, I’m finding it hard to write happy cute stories at the moment.  Good things are happening in the day, but I’m too worn out from all the other stuff to remember them when it comes time to write.

Our problems are small ones, and largely self-inflicted (renovations! – and the house is starting to look really good, so I’m sure we’ll decide it was worth all the hassle).  This too shall pass, and I’m sure once we’re home (and have a kitchen) and over the end-of-school-year stresses, we’ll be our usual happy selves.

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3 Responses to “Testing times”

  1. L Says:


    Thinking of you all. 🙂

  2. L Says:

    that was supposed to say “Hugs!” in there…

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