Nearly summer

View from our dinner table (park bench) tonight

We took some time out today.  First, The Dad and I went out for lunch, which was lovely.  Then we collected Fainjin and Babess early and took them to Pearl’s school to watch her in a presentation of their term’s work.

After school, we collected ice-creams, and went down to “our” beach.  We sat in the sun, the kids played in the playground, we looked out over the water (no whales today), and sighed in relief that we will be home again soon and can do this sort of thing more often.

Then we collected fish and chips from our favourite shop, where we were greeted like family.  We drove back to the city, and stopped by a beach to eat.  We saw people swimming, yachts sailing, and fish jumping out of the water.  Still no whales or dolphins, but it was nearly perfect.

The Dad impressed the kids by skipping stones across the water, and they all had fun running across the sand.

Friday night at the beach

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