Home again

We’re home.  The little ones are thrilled – they have their own beds again, and are surrounded by all their toys.  The afternoon was a whirlwind of re-discovery for them, and small farm animals and tea set picnics were “arranged” amidst the chaos that comes from having kitchen, bathroom and laundry things all stored in the lounge.

We’ve cleared some space now, taken the coffee table and pot-plants out of the toddlers’ room to give them room to play, and made that table-top our “pantry”.  Under the table are the foodstuffs we won’t need this week (sorry, no baking from me at the moment!).  We’ve put the kitchen table-top and detached legs behind the couch.  Pans and plastics that aren’t in storage are piled up between the TV and the fridge.  The dishwasher, oven, stovetop, and kitchen & laundry tapware are in our bedroom.  Thank goodness the washing machine and dryer have gone back into the laundry (although they’re not installed yet, so I can’t use them).

I’ll try to post a photo of our kitchen tomorrow.  It’s… empty.  The cupboards should arrive in the morning, very exciting!  I’m hoping a plumber will come too, because we have no hot water.  We can get cold water in the bathroom, and the toilet works, so the essentials are in place.  But I think the nice people at the local cafe are going to be seeing quite a lot of us this week, and it would be nice for them as well as us if we could shower once in a while!

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