For our second straight night of takeaways, and hoping that tomorrow will be the last in the series, we decided to get hotdogs and chips for the girls, and Chinese for the adults.  We had a dinner guest!  Brave man.

We got the hotdogs and chips first.  Pearl was at a harp rehearsal – she has her end-of-year concert on Saturday – with The Dad, so Dinner Guest and I took Fainjin and Babess down to the village.  It’s very pleasant to go walking at 6:30pm without even needing a cardigan, I must say.

Babess insisted on clutching the paper parcel all the way home, and we met Pearl and The Dad on the way.  As we approached our house, I realised that my own dinner was going to be quite a while coming, as I had to feed the children, then get them into bed, while The Dad went down to get our food.

“Gosh, I’m hungry,” I muttered.

I was carrying Babess, and she heard me.  She looked at me and said, “You want some-a my fishanchips, Mummy? You have it, you hungwy.”  So serious, and so sweet!

I laughed.  “No, sweetheart, I’ll be fine, my dinner is coming.  I might have one chip while you have yours, if you let me, though.”

We went in, and there was a flurry of hand-washing, serving, getting Fainjin’s meal (his regular: pureed veges, crackers with cheese, and pistachios), getting drinks, setting up the little table, and so on.  She didn’t forget, though.  As soon as her plate was in front of her, she selected a fat, long chip and held it up.

“Here you are, Mummy!  Dis your one!”

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One Response to “Generosity”

  1. Jess - My First Bub! Says:

    Aw, how sweet! 😀

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